myPart Workshops for Civic Education

A curriculum for a series of five workshops on civic education will be developed. It focuses on the needs of people with intellectual disabilities regarding their political and public participation, the target groups are people with intellectual disabilities and trainers working with people with intellectual disabilities. The workshops aim at gaining more or new citizenship competencies. The topics of the workshops are: Civil Rights, Basics of Democracy, European Values, Choice and Decision-making Processes, Political Participation: Having a voice.

myPart Handbook (easy-to-read)

The handbook is the practical tool for the workshops and will be written in easy to read and understand language so that people with intellectual disabilities have practical material for the workshops at hand. This tool can be used during the workshops as a training handbook but also for deepening the contents individually. It will also contain a toolkit related to (self-) advocacy.

myPart Videoclips

Five videos will take up the workshop topics and present them for people with intellectual disabilities but also for the general public. Through the short films people are provided an emotional context to the topics leading to a better understanding and to more awareness.

myPart Policy Recommendations

In this output, information and recommendations about civic participation of people with intellectual disabilities on regional, national and European levels are collected. It gives practical advice on an accessible environment promoting the civic and political participation of people with intellectual disabilities. This output is addressed to public bodies, policy makers, public and community authorities, and politicians.