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Lebenshilfen Soziale Dienste GmbH is a non-profit organisation which accompanies and supports people with disabilities according to the principal “Live like everyone else”. Its aim is to provide opportunities for people with disabilities to build a self-determined and fulfilled life in society. Thus, Lebenshilfen offers various services for people with disabilities and their families, e.g.: early childhood intervention, school and kindergarten assistance, family support (relief service), living and housing (full-time, part-time, community integrated, residential homes for elderly people with disabilities), working and daytime offers (workshops, integrated enterprises, day-care centres, support in vocational education…), as well as counselling and advice centres. Presently, about 2000 people with disabilities and their families benefit from Lebenshilfen services and approximately 800 employees and 100 volunteers are overall involved. Lebenshilfen has already 60 years of experience in working with people with disabilities and their families. Additionally, Lebenshilfen is an expert in inclusive adult education and the conception of curricula and handbooks, and has deep knowledge in European project cooperation and networking.

Town: Graz
Country: Austria
Project contact person: Karin Kicker-Frisinghelli

Zavod RISA

Zavoda RISA, the Centre for General, Functional and Cultural Literacy, is a non-governmental organization created for the purpose of independent and user-driven research, development, counselling, communication, cultural and educational activities for people with disabilities. The organization works in the field of human rights. They give voice to deprivileged people who are most often silent or overheard.

Zavod RISA is the first organization in Slovenia to systematically develop the concept of Easy-to-read in Slovenian. They are not a national network, but they do connect and network with organizations from all over Slovenia and Europe as well. Their programs include the Centre for Accessible Communication and Easy-to-read (development and production of Easy-to-read, counselling, training, Easy-to-read newspaper 20 MINUTES, etc.), (Self)advocacy trainings, Local, national and European projects.

From 2014 onward, Zavod RISA holds the status of an NGO in the public interest in the field of culture (issued by Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia).

Town: Podgorje pri Slovenj Gradcu
Country: Slovenia
Project contact person: Tatjana Knapp


FENACERCI represents more than 50 CERCI’s spread throughout the country, was created with the objective of representing its Associates, namely with institutional interlocutors and the community in general, provides for a diversified set of services with the objective of promoting the quality of interventions and the rights of the people supported. The Federation provides legal assistance and technical advice to its members, provides a wide range of information and technical and pedagogical documentation and carries out multiple training and research activities. Its mission is to promote the quality and sustainability of the responses made available by the members, thus promoting the rights of the people supported by them, through representation and training processes based on recognition, validation and accreditation in the community and with institutional interlocutors. In order to meet the needs of children, young people and adults with intellectual disabilities, FENACERCI has sought to create conditions for the implementation of diversified responses aimed at school, social and professional integration and, at the same time, full participation in the exercise of citizenship.

City: Lissabon
Country: Portugal
Project contact person: Sandra Marques

Laterna Magica

Our organization was established to create demanding and unique cultural and educational projects in Hungary and abroad as well. Besides the attendance of our collection (Hungarian Slide-film Collection), we give a helping hand to cultural and educational institutions to achieve their goals more effectively and efficiently. During the implementation of our projects and programs, we pay special attention to international cooperation and cross-border joint works. We gladly participate any initiation that is eager to spread the common cultural heritage in a fresh and creative way. Established: 1998.

Our services

  • conduct international scientific researches
  • organizing public events: exhibitions, conferences, festivals, performances
  • managing educational programmes: workshops, courses, seminars, trainings
  • building didactic websites and platforms
  • developing non-profit PR and communication campaigns
  • video production for the public and private sector
  • digitalization and archiving of artefacts: slidefilms, photos, printed materials
  • advisory for Hungarian and EU institutes
  • building up innovative non-formal educational methodologies
  • project management

Town: Budapest
Country: Ungarn
Project contact person:
Dániel Biró